Phone: Norwegian air authority app

Norwegian air authority app

Norway’s Aviation Authority is responsible for planning, developing and operating the Norwegian airport network. We created a tool for Avinor’s employees to punter and discuss ethics in work and life situations, that is entertaining, fun and easy to use.


Client Request

Create an app that can raise issues and have our staff discuss and talk about ethical issues in their workplace, in a simple and fun way. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

Simplicity: Our solution was to create a virtual "card game" where you would get cards with different scenarios to discuss. After you finished a talk, you archive the card, and users could also suggest new cards for the admin to publish. 

Fun: We suggested to at least add a little bit of fun into this serious project, so we added a feature where you would shake the phone, and it would show you a random card to discuss. 

What Made it Special?

Simplicity: This target audience is not necessarily tech-savvy at all, so we wanted to make something very simple. The app is literally 2 screens to engage with. 

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