Phone: Chall: The Challenge app

Chall: The Challenge app

Our client, an Olympic athlete and pro skier, had the idea to create an app that allows people to dare friends to a specific challenge and then share the results in the community for all to see. We helped take that idea from inception to the app store.

Client Request

The client was constantly traveling and felt the urge to fill his time between practice and competitions. The Olympic team was already potentially challenging each other with different pranks and jokes, so he wanted to create an app that would put this into a system, and invite like-minded people all over the world to join in on the fun and get some exercise in the process. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

We began by brainstorming with our clinet all the potential necessary "functions." We then added wish lists of any auxillary functions inorder to put the batch to test. With apps there is a fine line between too much and not enough. This sweet spot is key in the success of any platform, but especially an app.

in the final itteration we created a community where users could uploads a video of an action, and dare friends (private mode) or users (open mode) to top it. Challengers answer the call by recording a video response directly into the app. We stripped away as much as possible in the UI and was left with rows of challange videos and the number of responses to each video. Given the competitive nature of the target audience we added a feature where users could upvote their favorite responses. 


What Made it Special?

Embedded: Inorder to monotize and promote the app and its rich content, we created a way for users to embed their entire challenge thread into any extrenal media, blog or brand website. So in a partnership with Redbull, all users that added their videos to that challenge could be featured instantly on the redbull website with one click. 

Menu: There is a delicate line between ballancing a clean interface and insuring intuitive user expeirence. We manged to create a simple retractive menu hub, that not only contains all the necessary navigation within easy-reach of your thumb, but it also seamlessly doubles as the ever-present brand icon on every page.

Sharebility: When viewing any video, our activity algorythems selects and displays your most active friends-profiles so they are always one tap away from a challenge.

CRM: We helped define key metrics and implement "Mixpanel", one of the most reputible annlytics tools, to carefully track each user behavior and cater personal messages based on their actions, or lack there of.



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