Phone: C-MORE: Quiz app for the national league

C-MORE: Quiz app for the national league

An auxilary app for one of the most popular Scandinavian TV stations, C-MORE. The app was created as a "second-screen" interactive app for the station during the national soccer league in Sweden to encourage viewer participation.

Client Request

Increase current viewership and engagement by creating an entertaining app allowing TV hosts to interact with viwevers, asking questions, predictions, and using such feedback in C-MORE's live broadcast feed.

New York Digital Labs Solution

Upon intitial research, NYDL team concluded that the target audience for this app would fall into the 30+ sector, and by nature less tech savvy. This lead us to create a simple interface with a synchrnized feed, that prompted users with key questions followed by multiple-choice answeres. the results were collected and fed back into the app so users could compare and predict the outcome of the challanging questions such as "Was the ref's offside call legetimate or not?" answers: YES/NO, or "is Zlatan earning his keeps today?" answers: YES/NO.


What Made it Special?

Native advertising: Originally the spec asked for standard banner ads to be deployed. NYDL suggeted to implement a more native approach to sponsorship. So we created a sponsored trivia/facts pop-up as well as quiz questions tailored to each advertiser. i.e "What is Zlatans favoruite beer?" answers: A/B sponsored by O'learys bar & restaurant. We also created a "halftime report" that could be sponsored and branded as well.


Down-time Lounge: We created a virtual "laounge" if you will, a place where users coulf go during downtime inorder to retain their attention and maximize screen time minutes. NYDL recommended several add-ons to the home page such as graphs and charts displaying collective predictions based on Q&As, as well as game updates such as, current score, and game stats.

Simplicity: We argued the case for simplicity and the users desire for quick decision making during an active game. This simple point resulted in the nature of the questons and the subsequent A / B style answers.

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