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Elite models: Company website

When one of the top model agencies in the world, Elite Model Management, launched their boutique NYC division, they come looking for an innovative digital agency to showcase their incredible talent roster with a certain "wow-factor."

Client Request

When Elite launches a totally new niche brand, with some of their most fashionable girls, they want to come out with a bang. The idea of doing animated comp cards came in collaboration with the creative duo of Santiago and Mauricio, and the challenge was to find a way to make this look nice, clean and work on all devices.



New York Digital Labs Solution

Working with extremely talented film maker/photographer-duo, Santiago & Mauricio, we created a beautifully elegant and animated website like no other. Where static model portraits used to sit, we created an intuitive and surprising "still-motion" animation bringing each of the portraits to life in a manner that was surprising and yet subtle at the same time.


What Made it Special?

Programing: This type of programing work could have been done in a vast array of languages (code). i.e. video embed, flash player, HTML and so on. The forsight to create this type of page across all devices, lead our team to utlize a mixture of javascript, HTML5 and good old fashioned gifs. A great example of our technical teams philosophy of always aiming for light, elegant, and efficient code. The results where quick-loading, distinctive looking pages, no matter where the site was viewed.

Social media: Social media integration was a componenet recommended by NYDL and embraced by the client during the developement. This allowed involved parties and potential visitors/clinets to share individual cards from each girl with pre-populated #hashtags and @usernames contributing to the sites successful launch.

Mobile adaptaion: The challange on mobile devices was how to avoid full-screen expansion of standard videos when the animations were short and intended to loop. In addition swipe gestures were required inorder to make the user interface viceral. Finally we had to conisder limited band-width issues on cellular networks. The solution was a combination of Java and Gifs with several rounds of animation compression and frame rate alternatives to optimize speed and quality. Again this highlights the importance and value of our technical approach to such problems by always seeking a combination of new technology with proven old solutions.

Featured on During the launch period the innovative website was featured on,, one of the most influential fashion-news site and creative resources within the fashion industry. However that was not as simple as it seemed, espeically if the intention was for the site to function as intended. To achive that, NYDL worked closely with technical team to facilitate the implementation of the webiste directly into their pages. The native display of the site, the exposure to millions of users, and the subsequent positive reception of the piece, made all such efforts worth while.




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