Phone: Atelier - Democratizing art discovery

Atelier - Democratizing art discovery

The team behind this app saw the huge gap in the market btw those buying IKEA art and those buying art in galleries, this app will help you find the best artists in your own backyard.

Client Request

The team wanted to challenge the galleries role as a gatekeeper in the art world, by democratizing art discovery. They challenged us to come up with an identity that would carry this mission, stand out and be discrete enough to not compete with the artwork.  

The second part of the job was to create the wireframes and the user interphase of the app and the website, both with a very particular crowd in mind, the artist that would feature their art inside the app. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

For the identity, we researched the space to find where we could position the app, and started looking for ways to approach the logo. When the idea of the easel came to the table, combining that with the A for Atelier, was an idea the whole team liked. It would be an instinctive and clear symbol of the company, utilizing a basic element of an art studio, and take ownership of that. 


What Made it Special?

- Since the name of the app was Atelier a logical play on the word, would be to introduce the studio in a 360 degree image. So the first thing you see when you open a profile of an artist, is a 360 view of the Atelier, not only intruducint you to the vibe of the room and the artist, but also gives the app some life and a wow effect. 


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