Tablet: Havoc: Second-screen-app

Havoc: Second-screen-app

Havoc is an interactive TV channel that wanted to increase their user engagement and participation with a companion app that communicated with it’s TV screen. We created a second-screen-app that allows their audience to vote, chat and interact with the station in a simple and intuitive manner.

Client Request

The brief was to create a mobile app that syncs with the linear Havoc TV channel and enables users to vote, comment, and offer relevant links to featured artist and athletes websites. 

Preview: Havoc: Second-screen-app

New York Digital Labs Solution

Created an elegant and user-friendly app that housed a complex array of functionalities in a simple and intuitive way. We worked with the clients three separate technological platforms while integrating them with IOS and android platforms and insuring all of them worked seemlessly together. 

Preview: Havoc: Second-screen-app

What Made it Special?

Embedded data: As part of our consulting efforts we offered alternatives to weblinks and avoid driving users away from the app itself. We integrated relevant content seamlessly into the apps multi-fold windows pulling live data from different social media, web-stores, and iTunes. this simple change had huge effects in the user experience and we are proud of being a part of such decissions.

Gamification: We recommended a reward program to encourage users through gamification. As such instead of simply voting, users amass medals and rewards for chats, shares, votes and completing profile. This encouraged participation and was a direct result of NYDL consulting efforts.

Power vote: We advised the implementation of social media through “havoc’s power vote” where users could invite like-minded friends to vote and up their chances at what videos appear next. This was programmed into the app by NYDL so seamlessly that the outside users could add their support vote directly from their facebook or twitter feed with ease.

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