Desktop: Rebranding wealth management website

Rebranding wealth management website

Hillview Capital Advisors is a New York based premier provider of financial advisory services to wealth creators, their families, and foundations. We gave them a complete revamp of their website that included re-looking at the copy, the site structure, sourcing of images and a complete re-design.


Client Request

As one of New York premiers wealth management companies had outgrown their old website, they needed someone to take a hard new look at their web presence and re-build it from scratch. In a world where one client convinced or not can be of significant importance, it was of utmost importance that they reflected the company's standing and in a highly professional manner.    

New York Digital Labs Solution

We wanted to position the company outside of the typical cliches of the financial world and choose to give them a more natural focus, still keeping it clean enough to feel corporate and professional, but still giving it some edge.  

The style of images was based on this strategy as well as their name, identity and the sections of the landing page, keeping it natural, aspirational and true to brand. 

What Made it Special?

- Bringing an edge of nature to a very fixed world of finance while keeping a serious enough look. 

- Easy to maintain backend 

- Copy that spoke to end customers in a simpler way 

- We advised them on how they could utilize more of their content for SEO 


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