Desktop: Karen Collins: Photographers Website

Karen Collins: Photographers Website

Renowned fashion photographer Karen Collins wanted a clean image based website to showcase her amazing work.


Client Request

Karen Collins is an internationally renowned fashion photographer with projects for luxury brands such as Prada, Gucci, Cartier, and editorials for Vogue, Numero, self service. The request was to create a simple clean website that showcased the images and nothing else. It was important that the images could be organized and shuffled easily in the back end, as well as allowing a private section of the site to be shared with key clinets and insuring secure scetions will not be viweable by the public.


New York Digital Labs Solution

Avoiding wordpress alltogether and further optimzing the speed we created a custom coaded back-end eliminating the many functions and features that wordpress includes by default. This also eliminated the need for frequent "wordpress updates", and detered the website and host from potential hackers.

The custom back-end was designed to allow organization and grouping of content, as well as private category asssignment to each image.

For the front-end we aimed for the reduction of all unnecessary functions and designs to deliver a stripped-down and viceral photo viewing website.


What Made it Special?

Fast elegant code: The need for high resolution crisp visuals lead us to focus on an elegant code structured to insure speedy load time on a range of  bandwidths.

Backend image optimization: With the rise of high definition screens and the need for larger and large files sizes, our back end was designed to create multiple versions of each uploaded image. Dishing out the right size and resolution based on user device and screen (i.e. 4k, retina, HD, and so on), further speeding up the viewing proceess.


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