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Podcasting website

The kings of urban podcasting, racking in over 150 million streams globally, tasked us with creating their new company website.


Client Request

Russel Simmons co-author Chris Morrow and "Combat Jack" host Reggie Ossie created this podcasting company back in 2013 with the goal of delivering the most diverse and disruptive voices in podcasting. And they sure succeeded, now the network currently features over 15 shows and continues to build its’ reputation as the most trusted podcasting provider for multi-cultural audiences. 

The task was to build a website that showcased the network and reach of the company, speaking primarily to a business audience with the goal of selling the company as a trusted partner for advertising. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

As avid listeners to podcasts in general and naturally some of their shows, we understood they mission perfectly. Our priorities were to make a site that showed immediately upon landing the standing of the company, so start it off with testimonials by Russel Simmons and Huffington Post would set the tone. 

Furthermore, we wanted to showcase their shows and their hosts, as they are in themselves many times celebrities like Ice T, Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, so we added a featured shows section on the front page. 

Based on the clients limited technical in-house expertise we advised them to move away from their old WordPress platform, as the constant updates and demands for security measures would be a deterrent. 



What Made it Special?

- Insight: In our understanding phase, we understood how hectic the client's work situation was, so we wanted to make sure we made a site that was constantly up to date, but demanded very low maintenance. Upon investigation of their work flow, we found that a Soundcloud integration seemed like the best idea to showcase their shows without any extra work.

- Simple backend: Our goal is always to make the administration of a website as simple as possible, and updating a website with 15 shows, on a weekly basis could not be expected. So we made adding a new show as simple as a SoundCloud Follow, then our logic would setup a new show page, add every new show automatically. 

- Custom player: We applied and was granted access to the SoundCloud API, and build a feed of all their content into our site. When we had the data, we customized a player based on the LSN logo. We know import all shows the moment they are published into the site, and with a separate show site. 

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