Phone: Natural wine app

Natural wine app

An app solving the problem of natural wine, not having a certification or a specific label, this app knows the wines and can recommend where you can buy them based on your location.

Client Request

Natural wine is  wines made with from Organic grapes and without  additives as opposed to 99% of all wine you can find in your local liquor store. The problem with this is that there is no certification to this so finding it for consumers is a difficult job. So some passionate people in Norway wanted to make it easier and make an app for this and asked us how to go about this. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

We created what seems like a seemingly simple app that shows you local wine stores and what natural wines they have, recommendations by local celebrity chefs and bloggers, and a map of restaurants and bars that carry these wines. What goes on under the hood, on the other hand, is everything but simple. 

What Made it Special?

Parsing: Norway has a state-owned monopoly that sells wine, our investigation found that product data file that updates daily. So (a bit technical here) but we created a system that pulls their product file CSV, then we filtered it by natural wines, looked up the data for each wine and what stores carries it. Then we parsed that data with their store's database. So for the user they just open the app, and they immediately get a list of the local stores and what natural wines they carry and how many are left. 
Recommendations: Both the client and us were a bit worried that since we got celebrity chefs and bloggers involved as to give reviews, having them log in to a backend website to do this would be a hassle. So we made it stunningly simple for them to add their recommendations within the app itself. 

Budget: Since it was no way to capitalize this in a state monopoly, the client didn't want to spend too much on this project, so we had to do our best to keep the budget to a minimum. So we designed it after apples own guidelines for native design, making it quicker to implement in code, and also stripped away all functions not really necessary. 

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