Desktop: Nike: Digital Animated Lookbook

Nike: Digital Animated Lookbook

An online platform delivering Nike women’s spring/summer lookbook to a worldwide audience. The site is an animated digital booklet where the images magically come to life, creating a unique and stimulating experience in the art of motion. The booklet features Olympic medalists Allyson Felix, Alex Morgan, Paola Espinosa and Kira Dikhtyar.


Client Request

Create a digital visual platform with 3D page turn animation, to deliver Nike women’s lookbook to editors and key press contacts across the globe. 

Preview: Nike: Digital Animated Lookbook

New York Digital Labs Solution

Like in so many digital projects, our job was to respect the integrity fo the creative assets while brining innovative solutions that could enhance the experience. Our engineers worked rigerously in creating a custom page-turn animation, with a slick functional interphase (menu), that allowed product features to be displayed upon mouse over.

What Made it Special?

Animation: Custom code was required inorder to elegantly bring key images to life (see 00:34 in video below)

Custom page turn: The center page crease magically disappears from view upon page turn completion, maintaining a book effect, without disturbing the beautiful visuals.

Attention to detail: Timing of the animation and image load was key to this projects user experience. This is a delicate balance that requires a certain finesse in programming.




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