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e-learning platform

Scandinavian Tourist Boards commissioned us to develop a complete e-learning course from inception. We created a customized course focusing on the unique nature and features of Scandinavia, complete with an internal CRM system.

Client Request

The brief was to create a complete e-learning system that would help the client motivate and teach American tour operators to learn more about Scandinavia as a travel destination. End goal was to help the tour operators sell Scandinavia as a destination to their end clients. Clients initial idea was to have text heavy pages, followed by a quiz, and whoever scored 80% or more on the questions, recived a Scandinavian Specialist diploma they could hang in their shop. 

New York Digital Labs Solution

After our initial analysis, our main insight is that you should sell Scandinavia primarily though images of the beautiful and unique scenery you can find there. In a big way also selling the dream to the travel operators as well. So we went a little bit against what they had presented us, and proposed a picture heavy slide show style, with only a little text per slide, breaking the course down into several sections to make it easier to read and to go through. 

What Made it Special?


Insight: Going against the brief in a pitching situation, daring to show the client something they didn't expect

Backtrack: Since the idea of this was not a competition, but really to get as many travel operators through the course as possible, we added an option to backtrack, and only answer the questions you had missed in each section. 

CRM: We added custom per client tracking of results, so the client could follow up each client and prompt them to finish, and also automated a system, where they would get automatic followup emails if they didn't finish the course. 

Closed system: Since this was an industry only tool, we worked tightly with the client to find a way to automatically detect if a user is a registered travel agent or not. 


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