Desktop: Starshift for Nowness

Starshift for Nowness

A video-game style, interactive website, complete with interchangeable short films featuring a helmeted Hilary Rhoda in four striking looks for LVMH owned


Client Request

Help create an interactive game-style project that would be hosted by Nowness. 

Preview: Starshift for Nowness

New York Digital Labs Solution

Worked tightly with the client to explore the options of the media, making it usable on all browsers and simple enough to get the point fairly quickly. We ended up with an 80's style video game look, teasing the animation when you hover over the different players, and then clicking to show the animation. We also added ideas of optimising sharing and making the animation downloadable so users could share them in their own media. 

Nowness wrote this about the project: “Inspired by 8-bit video games and their dad’s all time favorite film, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the siblings created the interchangeable shorts featuring a helmeted Hilary Rhoda  in four striking looks.” 

What Made it Special?

- The tight collaboration before the projects, helping the client fully utilize the technology to showcase their art. 


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