Desktop: Time to Riot: Two-Sided Marketplace

Time to Riot: Two-Sided Marketplace

A resourcing website for film and TV professionals where companies can source crews, and where professional can tag and showcase their capabilities. Each user is allocated a home page where they can display their work and tag cast and crew, creating a seamless verification system.

Client Request

Our client, an 18 year veteran of the film and TV industry, was well aware of the frequent hiring needs of this industry, where talent was neeed quickly and intermitently. While the industry had evolved into a fast paced project based system, the hiring process remained stagnant and was sourced via personal contacts or through various social media such as face book. She wanted a website that would allow seamless connections between companies and industry professionals.

New York Digital Labs Solution

We agreed that even though attempts had been made in the form of online bulletin boards, there was no cohesive turn key solution to the problem. We began with a long list of features and unctions, however together we stripped the necessities down to an MVP for a quick launch, allowing initial user feedback through an integrated live chat, which was then implimented into the roadmap. This was a key decission to keep costs managable and insure user success and growth.


What Made it Special?

Simplicity: The first rule is always simplicity and ease of use. We discussed many features and functions, but reiteerated the importance for simplicity, especially when it comes to any new product launch and gathering initial critical-mass.

Varification through tags: On any given project, the users are able to tag client name and production companies, but also as many individual collaboraters (site members or not) as they wish. This allows for varification of the work posted and signals the caliber of work each uscandidate is capable of.

Viral recruitment: As the succes of any market-place website is reliant on growth, we advised an implemented a tagging system that required email entries on each tag. Tagged parties where then informed of their mention on the webiste, and their approval was requestedvia email. They were then given an easy option to create a one-click profile, through facebook login, with the tagged work already prepopulated further growing the user base.

Onboarding and metrics: We advised the clinet and implimented data collection on key metrics such as number of uploads, tags, job applications etc. was tracked on a per-user-basis. This data was essential in the recruitment and onboarding process. Automated follow throughs where designed into the site so a user who had applied for a position but had not completed his/her profile would receive an prompt email with a custom message encouraging them to complete their profile inorder to increase their chances of success.

Messaging optimization: We advised the client and directed them to conducted a-b testing, on all custom messages to optimize results for "open-rates" (number of users opening messages) and "goal-conversions" (number of users taking action).