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vidFlow: Music streaming platform

Selected as one of the top three tech startups in Northern Europe, vidFlow is a platform where users can discover and experience music videos through curated channels based on the worlds largest selection of HD videos. We helped the founders with the concept from sketch to the app store launch.

Client Request

Make a "pandora" for music videos. The founders missed the good old days, when you could put on MTV and just kick back and watch music videos. The brief was fairly open, but the goal was clear; to create an elegant, multiplatform, "lean back" experience, where users could just press play and enjoy.

New York Digital Labs Solution

Dishing out over 70,000 trackable videos on a multi channel platform is no easy task. We had to begin with an elegant and user friendly back-end implimentation that allowed sponsors, music editors, admins to access and curate channels. The entire libraries of Universal, Warner and Sony records,had to be stored localy on our servers to allow fast and on-demand streaming while each viewing had to be tracked and recorded for usage and rights payments. Custom coded playes where created by NYDL and implimented in the beautifully elegant UI/UX created by our sister agency, ceft and company. working together hand in hand we insured screen size adaptions from desktop to tablet to mobile and across platforms from iOS to Android.


What Made it Special?

Product consulting: Given our startup startup spirit and the nature of digital products we offer market knowhow, and digital expertize in forming the functionality and less obvious needs of the product from the gound up. From tiered access on the backend, to feature suggestions of social media intergration to ideas on  monotisation our team was constalty anlalyzing and advicing the client throughout the project.

Cross platform payment system: NYDL custom coded payment system implimented in the backend, seemlessly allowing users to process payments from Apple, Google, and 3rd party payment solutions. to the user this is a simple button on the front end allowing seamless subscription.

Tracking and annalytics: Automated tracking reports were created to better annalyse users and inform improvements to the future versions of the product. Tracking all videos played, duration of play, users category status, and retention and churn.

Social media implimentation: Implemented a branded way of sharing videos on to social media channels, with vidflow icon and watermark, so no matter where it was shared the vidFlow identity was visibel and front-and-center.

Preview: vidFlow: Music streaming platform

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